Gordian Hense
Gordian Hense

On future-ride.com we post news about new mobility solutions

Hello, my name is Gordian Hense. I am the owner and founder of future-ride.com. I worked a long time in the automotive, chemical and IT-Industry. Today I am an author for mobility topics and work in the Online Marketing Scene. And I am enthusiastic about all the new mobility solutions, like electric cars, electric motorbikes, car-sharing, ride-hailing and so on.

Here on future-ride.com I am excited to write about future mobility solutions. I believe there is plenty to come in this area. The electric cars, like Tesla, are only a beginning of a very large range of products, services and concepts. This will disrupt all the old stuff of individual motor car traffic and transportation. This will even affect the aviation industry and all other touched industries.

This website will be an international news hub for this subject. I hope you will enjoy the information?