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  • ElringKlinger to supply battery systems for fast-charging stations
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ElringKlinger to supply battery systems for fast-charging stations

  • Supply of battery systems for protoypes of a grid-autonomous fast-charging station developed by industry specialist Schäfer Elektronik GmbH
  • Purchase order includes 35 kWh battery packs at a voltage of up to 800 V
  • Wide range of potential applications thanks to ElringKlinger’s proven track record in battery technology
Battery Modul ElringKlinger
Battery Modul ElringKlinger

New forms of drive technology are making a significant contribution to sustainable mobility. Given the sizeable increase in the number of electric vehicles, however, the sector as a whole is faced with the challenge of expanding its charging infrastructure. Schaefer-e-Solutions has developed a grid-autonomous fast-charging station to meet more buoyant demand within this area. The system represents a pioneering solution designed in particular for locations with low levels of grid connection or without any grid connection whatsoever. The modular battery packs engineered by ElringKlinger boast high-end performance characteristics for this field of application and provide the basis for ultra-fast vehicle charging. The charging stations are to be powered by battery packs with a capacity of 35 kWh at a voltage of up to 800 V.

“Drawing on many years of experience in battery technology, ElringKlinger has acquired extensive expertise in this line of business. We are now in a position to exploit this know-how in various areas of application, as this contract illustrates,” says Thomas Jessulat, the Management Board member responsible for the Battery Technology unit at ElringKlinger AG. “The quality of our battery packs proved to be a compelling proposition for Schaefer-e-Solutions, allowing us to add an innovative provider of fast-charging solutions to our list of customers. In addition to performance, the modular design of our EK-X units is to be seen as a decisive advantage here and paves the way for a wide range of applications in different storage sizes.”

The modular high-performance charging station developed by Schaefer-e-Solutions is grid-autonomous due to the optional supply of energy via a hydrogen-powered fuel cell. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for critical infrastructures where the power grid is not available or underdeveloped. Thus, complex and expensive grid expansion can be avoided. The system is designed as a grid-autonomous charging station and thus enables simultaneous fast charging of two cars or a bus. The Schaefer-e-Solutions system is developed and manufactured entirely in Germany.

Drawing on ten years’ experience as a series supplier in the field of battery technology, ElringKlinger offers both components and complete systems. Its portfolio encompasses battery systems, battery modules, and components for batteries such as cell contact systems, module connectors, cell covers, and sealing and pressure equalization systems. Having steadily expanded its simulation, tooling, and process expertise in the area of battery technology, the company is now also attracting more and more customers outside of the automotive industry.

Top Photo by Ather Energy on Unsplash

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